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“The mind of a man is guessed with the way in which he carries his cane."

 (Balzac: Extract of the Traité de la Vie Elégante)



Canes of exception whose characteristic is to associate precious wood and precious metals, with possibility of stone setting. They are create with  the most invaluable wood: Cocobolo, Ebony, Rosewood, Snakewood,...

The rings and ferrules are create with silver 925/1000 or gold 18 carats.

All models are registered under the registered trademark Pierre Creation.

All our work of jewellery are  approved by the Royal Belgian Mint.



Pierre Creation ®  changes into Pierre Vanherck ®


canes bronze canes leather canes system canes coats of mail

Canes bronze / Canes leather / Canes system / Canes coats of mail













Canes of Art deco style.




Canes  Derby.





The canes Pierre Création are proposed to you:

 Pierre Création

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Tel. / Fax : 0032 (2) 384 64 21

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Do not hesitate to contact us for information , or orders specific.
Each creation is always realized to meet specific demands.
Send us your request accompanied by a photo. All the photos of this web site are downloadable.



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12, Boulevard Royal.

 L - 2449 Luxembourg



" Le Sporting d'Hiver"

4, Avenue Princesse Alice

98000 Monte - Carlo

( Principauté de Monaco)


Pierre Creation Japan

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Precautions and guarantee 

The "Pierre Creation" canes are fashion accessories and art objects. They are certified according to the production criteria and according to the European directive on the product and service safety 2001/95/CE.

The guarantee only covers the production faults of the canes and doesn't cover the damage that would result from a wrong use, a bad upkeep or even a fall of the canes.

Wood is noble and alive material. All our shafts of sticks are built of a part without joining nor assembly. It is awaited that a very light deformation (curve) appears.